Roofing Choices in Chester County PA 

Popular Choices of Roofing in Chester County, PA 

Chester County has many residential properties, from massive mansions to simple bungalows. Property owners also seek different budgets, and even sheds are viewed as residential when on a property. 

Matching budget, style, quality, and craftsmanship must be taken into consideration. Some property owners use sheds as “man caves” or recreational-type add-ons such as playrooms for the “kiddies.” There are many different and creative adjunct structures in Chester County, PA. 

These do come in handy in the summer especially. Good roofing protects these the same as it protects the main structure. A roof can be compared to an umbrella that protects an entire structure from the effects of weather. Although budgets differ, common sense dictates that the best that can be afforded should be chosen. 

The weather in Chester County has been perfect lately for the repair and/or replacement of a roof, as it is neither too hot nor too cold. While some rainy periods have been present in July, enough dry times exist for roofing to be done, as a good roofer will install a roof expeditiously. 

A good roof replacement might include not just the roof but the gutter, the eves, the chimney, and even the underlayer and roof deck. Before proceeding with work, an inspection and discussion with a licensed and insured roofer are necessary. Flat roofing, of course, is easier to install than roofing needed on Victorian homes with a lot of eaves and angles. 

6 Common Types of Roofing in Chester County 

In no particular order, the most common types of shingles in the Chester County area are as follows: 

1. Shingle Roofing

These are exceedingly common, affordable, come in various colors, and are a great choice for many homeowners. They are easy to install, are durable, and are great insulators. Shingle roofing also reduces noise, which adds to the appeal. Shingles have such an aesthetic effect for the cost they are “eye candy” for properties. 

Shingles also have different types of properties, from traditional wood, which is fire resistant, to dimensional shingles, which are shaped differently and can resemble slate or wood shakes. It is rustic in appearance. 

Ceramic coatings achieve the color, and the durability is enhanced by the added thickness that dimensional shingles provide. Dimensional shingles can be considered more luxurious and are, of course, a bit more costly.

2. Asphalt Roofing

Super easy to install, this type of roofing resists cracking and is also a popular choice as it is not costly either. Asphalt roofing comes in rolls and is also called “rolled roofing.” It comes in 150-foot rolls and allows for overlap. It does not last as long as Shingle Roofing, though, but is very budget conscious and a good choice for adjacent buildings. 

Perfect for low-slope garages, sheds, and decks, it does repel water nicely. It is also a type of Shingle but more flexible. It is not only popular in Chester County but is the Number One choice in all of North America. 

It is also good as a primary property roof, but it is flat in nature, so it might not be wise for architecturally complex properties. It uses nails for installation, and there are different qualities, so the price can fluctuate.

3. Cement and Clay

These are aesthetic choices for many and are mostly chosen for Mediterranean Style homes mostly. It must be installed with great care and is not an affordable option for many homeowners. The beauty cannot be denied, but installation ramps up the costs tremendously. 

4. Steel Roofing

This is seen in Chester County but is not the most popular. It is by far the most durable but not the most attractive. It can be used by the farming community on steel sheds and other outbuildings. It is made out of galvanized steel. The cost is high but can last for the life of a building. 

A downside is that when rain hits it, a steel roof reverberates the noise, so many property owners do not choose it for a primary residence. Most steel roofs are corrugated and fairly attractive. 

5. Green Roofs

These are living roofs and appeal to those in Chester County that are concerned about the environment. Live botany makes up the roof, and because the botany absorbs the water, any runoff is deterred. Before considering this, homeowners need to research and speak with a qualified roofer as although these sound wonderful; they are a newer type of roof, and the cost and ability to install needs evaluation. 

6. Aluminum

A metal type of roofing that is lighter, less costly, and can be installed on a primary residence or an addition. It does withstand fire, heat, and water but, like steel, can be noisy. It is lightweight, however, and fairly wind resistant as the shingles lie flat. 

Summary—Popular Choices of Roofing in Chester County, PA

Of course, all individual homeowners are different and will have different needs and budgets. The geography of Chester County can also vary from area to area, and this can influence the choice of roofing. 

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More choices exist than the ones listed here, and of course, all inquiries are welcomed at any time. 

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