Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs in Chester County 

Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs

Chester County has many residential properties, from massive mansions to simple bungalows. Property owners also seek different budgets and even sheds are viewed as residential when on a property. 

Matching budget, style, quality, and craftsmanship must be taken into consideration. Some property owners use sheds as “man caves” or recreational-type add-ons such as playrooms for the “kiddies.” There are many different and creative adjunct structures in Chester County, PA. 

These do come in handy in the summer especially. Good roofing protects these the same as it protects the main structure. A roof can be compared to an umbrella that protects an entire structure from the effects of weather. Although budgets differ, common sense dictates that the best that can be afforded should be chosen. 

The weather in Chester County has been perfect lately for the repair and/or replacement of a roof, as it is neither too hot nor too cold. While some rainy periods have been present in July, enough dry times exist for roofing to be done, as a good roofer will install a roof expeditiously. 

A good roof replacement might include not just the roof but the gutter, the eves, the chimney, and even the underlayer and roof deck. Before proceeding with work, an inspection and discussion with a licensed and insured roofer are necessary. Flat roofing, of course, is easier to install than roofing needed on Victorian homes with a lot of eaves and angles. 

Pros of Flat Roofs in Chester County 

·     Insulation

Flat roofs perform better in dry climates. Chester County, although in PA, is southernmost and therefore does not have as much rainfall or snowfall as many other portions of the stateFlat roofing also absorbs heat better than sloped roofing. 

This is especially true if the roofing materials are darker or made of the newer rubber materials on the market now. Chester County, where Storm Tech Roofers are located, is generally hot in the summer, and cooling bills can be lowered with a flat roof, especially if the newer materials on the market are now used. 

·      Durability

Flat roofs are extremely durable, lasting about 25 years with proper maintenance. However, because the heat, hail, rain, and snow do not naturally slide off as in a sloped roof, they must be checked for pits, cracks, and bubbles routinely. 

·      Flexibility

Flat roofs are good choices for an addition to an existing property, for a deck, or of course, sheds. These types of roofing do lend themselves to many usages besides a main roof. Even a child’s playhouse or a “man cave” or in-law suite that is built will be protected from the elements with a flat roof.

·      Affordability

As mentioned above several times, flat roofing is simply affordable for many homeowners and users. Although sloped roofing does exist in Chester County, flat roofing has become more aesthetically pleasing over the past decade and is overall an affordable choice that pleases the eye. 

Cons of Flat Roofs in Chester County 

·      Drainage Systems

Even though sloped roofs may need drainage systems such as gutters and drainage pipes, they can be imperative with flat roofs as water can pool up on a flat roof. It cannot slide off easily as in a sloped roof. 

Gutters can be needed more extensively, along with other types of drainage, such as scuppers, which will allow water to flow off the roof instead of puddling up. 

·      Maintenance

Even though checking a roof was mentioned prior, after a snowstorm, it can be necessary to shovel off excess snow to prevent a collapse under the weight of the snow. A sloped roof will have snowfall off it generally due to the slope as melting occurs. This does not happen with a flat roof

Since a flat roof is almost level with the structure of a property, there is no “sliding off” naturally of ice and snow, as there is no slope involved when melting occurs. Pooling is lessened with proper drainage systems. 

Summary—Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs in Chester County 

While many sloped roofs exist in Chester County, like other areas in PA and other states, flat roofing costs less and do have remarkable durability lasting two decades or more. 

While it is not for every property owner, the only solution to ensure the proper choice of roofing is to schedule an evaluation with a licensed and insured roofing contractor. StormTech Roofers has been in business for decades and serves Chester County, PA, and surrounding areas proudly! 

StormTech Roofers is only a phone call away, and all evaluations are free of charge. 610-304-4577. Email also exists on the StormTech Roofers website. Flat roofing might be the perfect choice, but only a professional should be consulted. 

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