Chester County Roofing Season

Chester County Roofing Season is Beginning 

There is what can only be described as a “roofing season.” While some areas of the US are hot and humid all year long, not so in the Chester County area. Winters in Chester County, PA, are not as cold as some other areas of PA, but it is still best to install a new roof when the weather is warmer yet not too warm. 

A roof is high up, and the temperature on a roof is, of course, higher than ground level. Depending upon the ground level, the types of roofing that will last depend on the slope and elevation of a property. 

Slope calculation involves the point where two lines meet and determines the highest point. Good contractors use slope calculation when determining the type of roof and the manner of constructing a new roof. 

Although this is geometry, slope calculation by contractors is generally determined online or offline slope calculations must be exact as it determines where the highest point of two vertical lines meet. 

Slope Calculations-Determining When to Install Roofing 

Roofing contractors walk a “fine line” when installing a roof. Some roof repairs must be done in cold weather or excessively hot weather since a leaking or severely damaged roof is an emergency. Most roofers, however, determine when is the best time to replace a roof when no emergency exists

What Determines the Timeline for Roofing Installation? 

As explained above, slope calculations assist as the “perfect weather” is warm yet not excessively how. The following factors are considered:

  • The age of the roof

Older roofs that are close to collapse may get precedence as any weather incident can turn these into an emergencyImpending damage to a home is the primary focus when scheduling any roofing job.

  • Rainfall that is expected

Roofers routinely follow the weather forecasts as though a roof can be put on in a few days. Usually, rain can lead to serious drawbacks in timeline and installation. Roofing contractors are avid “weathermen” overall, constantly judging installations based on upcoming rain. 

  • Excessive cold or heat

This can lead to roofing materials adhesive failures and also lead to safety issues for workers. No matter what type of roofing materials are used, cold makes them contract, while heat makes the materials expand. 

The expansion and contraction of materials are due to the hot and cold effects on kinetic energy. To put this into layman’s terms, more materials might be needed during a cold installation, while less might be needed when it is hot outside. Both expansion and contraction can impact the tight fit a roof needs to be sustainable for years to come. 

  • Worker safety 

It is difficult for roofers to work in excessive cold, and perhaps even more difficult and dangerous to work in excessive heat due to heat stroke. Roofing companies generally look to install a full roof when the temperatures are above 40 degrees but under 90 degrees since there is approximately a ten-degree difference from the ground to the top of a roof. 

The consensus among roofing contractors is that “mid-season” roofing installations are best, with temperatures in the 70 to 80 degrees mark. This generally means early fall and early summer. 

The cold or hot months can lead to a cheaper installation as contractors are not as busy, but the protection of workers is also on their minds, so the usual consumer does not witness many roof replacements during extreme hot or cold conditions. 

  • The type of roofing materials

Some roofing materials are more impervious to heat and cold than others. The type of materials chosen will be based on budget, but also a good contractor will make recommendations on types of roofing materials depending upon climate and exposure to elements. Dozens of types of roofing materials exist, each with unique features that will take into consideration the climate and the slope of the roof. 

Conclusion—Chester County Roofing Season is Beginning

There are many variables involved in choosing the best time in which to install a whole new roof. From climate to slope to rainfall predictions, roofing contractors are true jacks of all trades. 

Roofing season in Chester County will run from either May or June and into September or October, depending upon temperatures outdoors. Storm Tech Roofers of West Chester has an easy online form for quotes and information. 

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