Vetting a Roofing/Siding Chester County Contractor 

Residents of Chester County, PA, are proud of their homes and practice upkeep. Everything from roofs to siding and gutters is a priority. The outside affects the inside of any property, and most homeowners realize this. 

What can mystify homeowners is deciphering the perfect contractor for any job that is needed in roofing, siding, or gutter repair and maintenance. Although price is always a consideration, it should not be the only consideration. 

Roofing, siding, and gutter repair and maintenance require heights and ladders. These types of jobs are not without dangers and are different than simply hiring a handyman to replace a door or window, etc. 

The liability for any mishap can fall on the homeowner if a company is not licensed and insured. This can include liability for any accidents to the workers, accidents to passersby, the occupants of a building, or even equipment damages such as trucks. Property damage by unlicensed contractors is rampant. 

The odd part of licensing roofing, gutter, and siding replacement pros ties into the licensing requirements of all contractors. But the “kicker” is that not all states require this, and PA has no data available about licensing. Local municipalities, however, can have very strict requirements. 

Municipalities usually do require licensing and can have strict code enforcement and zoning laws. Protecting a community as a whole is the priority. An overhang that encroaches on someone else’s property can pose a risk and danger. Other types of incorrect zoning applications can also be disastrous. Knowing county/municipal requirements and being licensed and insured, such as Storm Tech Roofers of Chester County, PA, can prevent a nightmare of roofing and siding liabilities and lawsuits. 

How to Vet a Roofing/Siding Chester County Contractor 

·     Check for licensing and insurance

Most insurance companies nationwide recommend using a licensed and insured contractor, especially in the roofing and siding industry. Slick surfaces, as well as climbing to heights, make this a somewhat dangerous job. 

·     Google the reviews of all roofing/siding contractors

This is super simple to do now with the Internet. Storm Tech Roofers of Chester County, PA, has phenomenal five-star reviews and is licensed and insured. 

Homeowners will usually assume that the contractor whom they have hired provides Workman’s Compensation Insurance. This is not always the case, especially when a weather incident occurs and damages many homes. 

There are what is known in the roofing/siding trade as “storm chasers.” These are contractors many times from out of the area and even the state that appears with good pricing to make a quick dollar on repairing roofing and siding. 

·     Speak with friends and neighbors for references

This is a wonderful way to know a homeowner is in good hands with a licensed and insured roofing/siding contractor. Word of mouth is always a good predictor of satisfaction! 

Looking around a neighborhood can give an idea of the quality of work that is done by a roofer and sider. Even gutters should be well placed and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. 

·     Check with local suppliers on purchases

Truly trustworthy, licensed, and insured roofers and siding experts generally become well-known to local building supply companies. The quality of materials used does matter in roofing and siding. Unlicensed and unknown contractors generally gravitate towards cheap materials. Cheap materials do not stand the test of time. Money counts only with these unvetted companies, not customer satisfaction or pride in the work done. 

·     Stay on-site if possible and in touch with a contractor 

A property owner who is present will know immediately of any problems. While this is not always possible, perhaps a neighbor or friend can be of service in keeping an eye on the work being done. 

·     Have a contract in place 

This is one of the most crucial elements. Know what is to be paid, how much work is to be performed, the start and finish dates, and pretty much a breakdown of all materials and labor involved. Storm Tech Roofers always provides an in-depth contract. 

·     Look for a free evaluation 

Not many contractors offer this in the roofing/siding industry, but it shows commitment to customer satisfaction and alignment with the needs of a client. Only pay money up front in the amount a contract specifies. No “handshake deals” should be done, and certainly not with cash payments. 

Conclusion Vetting a Roofing/Siding Chester County Contractor

The onus is on the residential property owner to ensure that a qualified and certified contractor is chosen for roofing, siding, and gutters. Work should last for years or even decades, so choosing the cheapest alternative is not always the best alternative. 

Storm Tech Roofers, with decades of experience, are certified and licensed and one of the most popular roofing and siding companies in Chester County. This family-friendly business has five-star reviews plus a host of satisfied customers. 

Remember, accidents and mishaps can occur, but prevention starts with choosing the right roofing and siding company. Simply call 610-304-4577. 

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