Siding and Roofing Increase Home Values

New Siding and Roofing Increase Home Values

The siding on the home makes a difference in “curb appeal” and functionality. The same goes for roofing. Although materials contribute to the cost, the average siding replacement will increase a home’s value by over 75 percent. 

A roof replacement can increase the value equation. Both are, therefore, sound investments. Siding and roofing not only protect a home from the elements but also should enhance energy efficiency. This is a new type of buying consideration in 2023. 

These statistics are accessed easily on the NAR (National Association of Realtors) cost/value estimator and run into the end of 2020 currently. Updates are done regularly, however, and checking back often is done by good realtors or sellers. 

Roofing and Siding—First Impressions

This valuation matters now, especially with many sales of homes occurring in PA. It has been a “sellers’ market” for about two years. But anyone selling a home that has older siding or an older roof can not compete as well in the real estate market. 

Even if a roof is still intact or siding is still viable, trends in colors and materials change. A dated look is never a good look. Add to this other factors that home buyers consider. Older roofing and siding usually have dents, pits, and scratches. 

It is important to be competitive now when selling a home in 2023, as although a housing boom was still occurring in 2022, according to the Redfin Report of the PA Housing Market, prices are falling now by about 6.8 percent. With inflation, there is also a decrease in home purchases by over 33 percent, which is a startling decrease. 

Trends of Roofing and Siding in 2023

The reality is that a home purchase is a major decision, and buyers do take into consideration the siding and roofing as these are major components of a well-kept home. 


An older roof that looks worn is a definite turn-off. Even older materials may make buyers skeptical of a purchase. The same with siding. Pitted, dented, chipped and outdated colors can make potential buyers immediately lose interest. Buyers can assume the inside is not well kept also. 

Energy Efficiency

This cannot be stressed enough, as there is a need for energy compliance and energy-saving solutions in siding and roofing. Light-colored roofs reflect light and keep a home cooler, whereas darker roofing absorbs light and keeps it warmer. This cuts back on heating and cooling costs depending on where a home is located. 


It’s always good to try and establish a symmetrical look in a home. This means that a roof should blend in well with any color or style of siding. Symmetry with neighboring homes can also be important. One home with an unusual roof color or odd siding will only appeal to a select few buyers.


Newer roofing and siding now have better insulation. Technology and products have increased exponentially in quality. This ties into energy conservation.


The average home buyer will be looking for roofing and siding that lasts. While there are myriad colors and types of materials for both, asphalt shingles are still durable in roofing and are chosen by many in PA as these are also affordable. 

Siding choices can vary from the more expensive cedar shakes, which give a rustic look, to vinyl siding. Prices do vary accordingly. A consultation with an expert in the field will assist in choice. 

As far as colors, when in doubt, a good roofing and siding company will suggest neutral colors such as brown, grey, black, or tan. These colors defy trends and remain classic for decades.  

Timing for Replacing Roofs and Siding

Too many individuals wait until spring to consider a replacement roof or siding. The truth is that roofing and siding companies book up quickly in the spring. This can lead consumers to a waitlist. 

The best time to shop around for a new roof or siding is during the winter months. Reputable roofing and siding contractors such as StormTech Roofers take orders and provide free evaluations during the winter season to give customers the fastest service possible. 

All work is guaranteed by StormTech Roofers of West Chester, PA, and the technicians are thorough with decades of experience in roofing and siding. StormTech Roofers also provide replacement gutters, which should also be a consideration for homeowners to protect a roof and the siding. 

If an insurance claim is possible, StormTech Roofers assists in processing these, as winter weather can wreak havoc on homes! 

Summary—Home Value Increases

Nothing says more about a homeowner and the care of a home than the outside of the property. Curb appeal is real, and a fantastic roof combined with great siding increases the value exponentially. 

Plan the replacement early, and if selling a home, a good exterior with quality materials will ensure a better price and more active buyers.

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