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The Importance of Good Gutters and Maintenance

Gutters are a portion of the entire roofing system. Often overlooked, old and damaged, or even nonexistent gutters can lead to roof damage and even a need for total roof replacement. In and of themselves, gutters may not seem important, but they are part of the “water discharge system” that is needed for any home. 

They are troughs of a sort that lead water off the roof and into a downspout and then a drainage system. Denting, holes, and even pitting without proper drainage into a downspout are the culprits in roof damage when gutters show these signs of wear. 

Water that leaks out of a gutter can cause not just roof damage but also damage to siding and paving and, worst of all, a foundation. Continued leakage onto a foundation will eventually erode the foundation. 

Severely old or damaged gutters do allow water to back up under the lip of the roofing, which eventually causes damage to the roof. Even a newer roof can develop leaks that are caused by bad gutters.

Principal Reasons for Gutter Leakage  

  • Backed-up gutters

Leaves, dirt, grime, and even mud can back up a gutter without a homeowner’s knowledge. There are even some strange ways that gutter backup occurs, such as bird’s nests and even hornet/wasps’ nests. There are even cases where a dead bird or animal causes backup and then leakage. 

Clogs can be the number one reason for leaking. Year-round checking of gutters should be done, for any clogs, as weather conditions and dirt contribute to this at any time.  

The best time to clean gutters is actually in the spring when the matted leaves and other debris have settled, and the winter snows and spring and summer rains will start. This only applies if no problems are spotted before the spring season takes place. 

  • Improperly installed gutters

There is a whole system that goes into the proper installation of gutters. Improperly installed ones can cause leakage under the flashing and/or drip off the side of any gutter. While it is tempting to install gutters themselves by homeowners, the installation is generally very affordable and can lead to years of no leakage problems. 

StormTech Roofers of West Chester, PA, has proudly been serving this area of PA for over 17 years and ensures that only the best parts, with the best systems and warranties, are used on every home requiring complete gutter or even just repair or existing systems.

Licensed and insured, this company gives free quotes, is open six days per week, and has affordable pricing as well as a warranty on all the work. 

  • Holes and tears

This happens, and even a small hole can cause enough leakage that the water seeps under a roof or down the sides of a residence. Tears can occur anywhere but generally at the end of the gutter that leads to the downspout, preventing water from properly entering the downspout. 

Tears and holes can be difficult to spot, and most individuals do not like being up on a ladder long enough to thoroughly check for minor issues that are causing problems. 

  • Very poor quality

While, of course, affordability is always a concern to homeowners, the reality is that gutters come in a variety of materials. The cheapest materials are not always the best and do not have a very long lifespan, especially in locations that can see a shift from extreme heat to extreme cold.

Everything exists in materials from aluminum to galvanized stainless steel. Size and shape also dictate what type of gutter should be installed, as there are domed shapes, as well as several other styles. Only a true gutter specialist can determine which type will suit each different type of residence. 

Summary- The Importance of Good Gutters and Maintenance

It seems unbelievable, but some individuals do try to save money by either not installing any gutters, which is not recommended at all since these are part and parcel of a totally functional roofing system. 

Just as important, however, are the installation of the best gutters that can be afforded. Gutters can last years if the right quality, the right size, and proper installation and maintenance are performed. StormTech Roofers stand ready to provide either superb installation, superior repair, and of course, maintenance according to anyone’s schedule.   Gutters even come in different colors so they can be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the value and eye appeal of a home. Allow StormTech Roofers to assist with a free evaluation today. Phone calls, email, and of course, a form and chat are available on the website.

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