Damaged Roofing Insurance Issues 

Roofing Insurance Issues  Even a brand-new roof can suffer extensive damage from a weather event. The weather in P.A. fluctuates wildly. Snow, hail, wind, and pouring rain are all capable of damaging any roof. Older roofs are more vulnerable, but even the heat of the summer can cause cracking and pitting in newer roofs. All […]

Siding and Roofing Increase Home Values

New Siding and Roofing Increase Home Values The siding on the home makes a difference in “curb appeal” and functionality. The same goes for roofing. Although materials contribute to the cost, the average siding replacement will increase a home’s value by over 75 percent.  A roof replacement can increase the value equation. Both are, therefore, […]

When Should You Replace a Roof? 

Roof replacement can be expensive. It is, without a doubt, a major decision. Sometimes it is best to remain proactive and replace before problems occur. However, it can become an emergency if “Mother Nature” interferes, and even a newer roof might need replacement or repair.  Homeowners’ insurance should always be maintained for natural occurrences. Of course, […]